Differences between Fiber and CO2 Lasers


Laser Precision

If you’re looking to beautify your home with outdoor laser cut outdoor privacy screens, you may have wondered how they’re made. Here’s a peek into the amazing equipment used to craft these elegant yet functional decorative screens.There are two kinds of lasers used for cutting metal, and each has its own unique characteristics. Learn about the differences between them.

CO2 Lasers

The powerful, industrial CO2 laser is a gas laser, and relies on carbon dioxide to create its beam. With a cutting beam 10 microns thick, it wields a lot of power and can cut consistently even through tough, thick, or heavy materials. And while it can neatly cut a straight line, it is too slow and clumsy for intricate work. It is expensive due to its high energy consumption and needs frequent maintenance due to its complex mirror guidance system. It also generates a lot of heat, which can cause small cracks in the final product. While appropriate for heavy industrial applications, it lacks the finesse to create fine art.

Fiber Laser

A fiber optics laser emits a slim beam a mere micron thick, and excels at delicate or precision work. It is basically creating artwork by using light! It is also referred to as a solid-state laser, or SSL, as it has no moving parts and cannot become misaligned during use. A fiber laser creates less heat during use, so you won’t see “micro cracking” on the final product. However, it is strong enough to blast through solid metal with unparalleled accuracy. A fiber laser produces an incomparably neat edge. It uses less electricity, so it costs less to run than a gas laser. It can flawlessly execute intricate designs in metal, such as laser cut privacy screens for outdoor use.

Cutting Edge Style

The fiber laser’s ability to fabricate complex designs in steel, aluminum, and other heavy materials has made it possible to create large scale, durable metalwork quickly, and cost effectively. Laser cut outdoor screens are a superb example of the marriage between art and industrial technology.

Laser cut outdoor privacy screens truly showcase the amazing abilities of fiber optics lasers. These unique lasers have the proficiency to execute any type of curve, angle, letters, or intricate design.

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