How to Customize Outdoor Areas with Privacy Screens

Wood privacy fence

Spending a breezy summer day or a warm autumn night in the backyard is always nice. But, your yard isn’t as private as the inside of your home. Nosey neighbors love to keep their eyes on your back patio. You can protect your yard from prying eyes in a variety of different ways that can also make it look better.


Fences are the most common way to keep your yard private. They stand tall and enclose your entire yard. But enclosing the whole yard isn’t always desirable.

Lattices and Wood Screens

Lattices can be used to give privacy to smaller spaces. Putting lattice panels on top of deck railings can create a barrier around your deck. Or, taller lattice panels can be stuck in the ground to create a fence around a portion of the yard. If lattice feels too simple, you can always use laser cut wooden screens instead. Beautiful patterns can be cut into wood panels to make a unique barrier.

Metal Screens

Laser cut metal outdoor screens are also a perfect way to keep prying eyes out of your yard. Like wood panels, they can have beautiful designs cut into them by lasers. And, metal screens are more durable.

Sliding Glass Panels

Sliding panels can be a quirky way to give your outdoor areas more privacy. Glass sliding panels can be made in a variety of colors. When the sun shines through them, they’ll project their colors onto your deck, patio, or yard.


Curtains are perfect for making pergolas more private. They also protect from the sun, creating a shady oasis.


Greenery can be used in various ways to create more natural boundaries. Hedges are the classic way to create a natural fence. They can be trimmed in a variety of ways that will make your yard private and beautiful. Vines can be trained to grow into a natural curtain. Or, they can wrap around a lattice or other structure. Other large plants can be placed close to each other to form a solid layer of foliage between you and your nosey neighbors.

These aren’t the only ways to give your yard some extra privacy. Get creative and come up with your own ways to keep your outdoor spaces private so you can enjoy pleasant weather in peace.

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